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Integrated automatic single
From: Dongguan Houjie cloud special needle car Post date: 2017-04-18

The utility model relates to a full automatic single and double needle roller which is suitable for high-grade leather shoes, sports shoes, bags, gloves, etc.. The equipment uses the nylon type dog tooth, the driving wheel line and the machine needle synchronous feeding, the upper and the lower shaft uses the high density synchronous tooth belt transmission, the climbing seam sewing performance is extremely good. Sewing set accurate and consistent, the size can be adjusted freely, greatly improve product quality.
Equipment servo motor power-saving principle makes the device more energy saving, saving more than 50%; the servo motor positioning function design, each parking machine needle will return to the origin, save workers fluctuation pulley time, greatly improve work efficiency.
The industry's first touch screen liquid crystal display applications in the automated roller, creating a new era of automated vehicles into the multimedia era. Compared with the old type of key operating box, the new LCD touch box is more sensitive, the software can be upgraded.
Integrated full automatic single and double needle roller car computer control box is hidden in the head side, to avoid the old models of electric control box is placed in the Taiwan version of the bottom line connection is too much, the maximum decrease due to off-line fault caus