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How to properly maintain the machine?
From: Dongguan Houjie cloud special needle car Post date: 2017-04-18

How to properly maintain the machine?

Button machine becomes more and more important in the process of industrial production, more and more often used. But there are some users not good maintenance play button machine, makes the service life of the product becomes shorter. We usually have some problems, the most important is to learn from the source to solve this the problem.
A. work is strictly prohibited in the absence of insurance work to prohibit two people at the same time operating a machine to work in a high degree of concentration, do not talk with others in order to avoid distraction
When the B. button is turned on the machine, the fingers and the clothes should be left to the working area of the mold to prevent the combination of the clutch and the wounded
C. adjust the machine and troubleshoot the power supply should be shut down. Should clean up the machine and keep the material, turn off the power supply
D. mold installation should be compact and reliable, and in unison. The riveting between the gap of an upper mould, high down, in order to prevent damage to the machine. The adjustment, adjust th