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Introduction to the use of pressure operated valve in the hydraulic cutting machine
From: Dongguan Houjie cloud special needle car Post date: 2017-04-18

Introduction to the use of pressure operated valve in the hydraulic cutting machine

Cartridge poppet valve and cartridge type two position two way valve, is widely used in hydraulic cutting machine system of high pressure and large flow, because the plug-in components have been standardized, several plug-in components. It can form a composite valve, hydraulic valve and general comparison, has the following advantages:
A. flow can be large, especially suitable for large flow occasions, its maximum diameter up to 200-250mm, the maximum flow rate of up to 10000L/mm.
B. spool action sensitive, anti clogging can be strong.
C., good sealing, small leak, fluid flow through the valve outlet pressure loss.
D. simple structure, easy to complete standardization.
Cartridge poppet valve working principle and the basic form of cartridge valve cone fundamental unit and structural principle diagram, which is mainly composed of a valve core, a valve sleeve and a spring, the control cover, control port C and cone valve unit on the cavity. The cone valve unit is inserted into the valve body with two channels A and B (main oil circuit), and the control effect of the cover plate on the opening and closing of the conical valve unit is adopted. A cavity pressure oil through the damping hole into the control chamber C, and the pilot pressure valve inlet, B cavity connected to the tank, so the opening of the cone valve pressure can be adjusted by the pilot pressure valve. The working principle and the pilot relief valve when the B cavity is not exactly the same, and connected with the oil tank is connected to the load, it becomes a priority valve; then followed by a two position two way solenoid valve in the C cavity becomes electromagnetic valve valve principle. The valve spool is often used to open the spool valve spool, B cavity into the oil inlet, A cavity for the oil outlet. The oil pressure A cavity by damping holes after manipulation of cavity C is communicated with the inlet valve and pilot pressure stroke, its working principle and general pilot valve cartridge poppet valve used as flow control valve with method of mechanical or electrical limit cone valve spool, valve to change the flow area the size of it can flow control valve cone valve effect. Cartridge poppet valve for saving valve flow control, a pressure relief valve on saving valves, valve and valve two parting save oil outlet communicated using the valve pressure compensation function to ensure that the two ends of the throttle valve pressure does not change with the change of load, so it becomes a speed valve.